Professional Coaching
for Extraordinary People

Hello, I'm Attila.

My inner drive is to help people to create their desired results and 
to help them to stop worrying and stressing.

Most of my clients are asking my help in one of following areas:
1. Helping to take their Business to the next level (when they feel stuck or  when they feel the Growth of their Business has slowed down)
2. Helping to Stop Stressing / Worrying
3. Helping to Change a Bad Habit

1. Taking Your Business to the Next Level
...When you feel stuck or when you feel that your business doesn't grow as much as would like it to - then I can help you to look at your business from a different point of view (and support you to start making realistic plans for change from this new outlook)

2. Stop Stressing / Worrying 

...I help people to look at their stressful situation from a different (less stressful) angle. Help them to overcome their stresses/worries, learn from this situation and even utilise it. Everything has both a good and bad side to it, there is some good thing in every bad thing - we just need to find it.

3. Changing a Bad Habit
...We're a Creatures of Habits. Habits determine our characters and values - which eventually have an enermous effect on our life. That's why changing a bad habit or picking up a good new habit can literally be life changing!

..I assist my clients to have a fresh look on their reality. I challenge them to dream big. I help them to dig deep and to find out what they really want - and what's preventing them from getting it. Then I make sure that a plan is laid out how to achieve this. And I still stay with them to support on their road.

What is Coaching?

It's important to know that Coaching is NOT Consultancy: I won't solve your problem for you! During Coaching, we will find a solution together.
Actually, the solutions will come from you - I'll be  just there as a catalyst, to help you finding the right answers.
It is about assisting you to think, to come up with a solution or an action plan for achieving your goal / overcoming your challenges:
- by asking the right questions
- by finding out what's holding you back - and how to overcome it
- by exploring your limitations and conquering them

 It's better to experience coaching - than trying to get an understanding about what it can be. That's why I offer the First Session for FREE.
Click Here to learn more about the First Coaching Session with me.

Here are some further thoughts to describe Coaching:

"Coaching is the art of facilitating the performance, learning and development of another."
"Coaching is about change, about making changes."
"Finding out what you really want - and how to achieve it faster."
"It focuses on the future. It's an effective way to move things forward."
"It's Confidential. Everything we talk on the coaching sessions is confidential."
"It helps to learn more about yourself and developing your personality."
It's non-judgmental: There are no Right or Wrong answers!"
"It is very structured, very goal oriented."